Technology has really been sweeping us off our feet. With all the new inventions and more enhanced devices, you can now do almost everything using a smart device. That includes digital note taking.

Not a fan of taking handwritten notes? You can now go paper-free for the rest of your life, as we bring you the best tablets for note taking! Say goodbye to all that handwriting.

Choosing the perfect tablet for writing and note taking will be hard, especially since there are lots out there which offer different varieties of qualities. That’s why we’re making it simple just for you!

The Best Tablet for Note Taking and Drawing in 2021

Here are the 10 best tablets for note taking and drawing this 2021:

1. Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard for Business

keyboard for writers 1

Our top pick is an ergonomic keyboard that features a uniquely modern yet comfortable design, with its split layout that enables you to experience a relaxed wrist and forearm position for typing.

In fact, it also has a domed keyboard shape and a cushioned palm rest that adds support and reduces pronation on your wrists, making this an ideal work keyboard that you can use the entire day without getting tired or strained.

To top it all off, the keys are designed with a natural arc to effectively mimic the shape of your finger tips. All in all, this is the perfect keyboard that is sure to keep you productive all day long.

  • Wireless keyboard with ergonomic sculpted design
  • Dome shaped keyboard with split layout
  • Cushioned palm rest and natural arc keys
  • Separate number keypad
  • Available in a sleek black
  • May be purchased with a mouse

2. Corsair K57 Wireless Gaming Keyboard

keyboard for writers 2

Taking the second spot is a beautiful light up gaming keyboard that features RGB backlighting made with capellix LEDs, making it a vibrant, bright, and dynamic keyboard while still remaining to be energy efficient.

It comes with a soft rubber palm rest that is detachable and lets you comfortably work or play for much longer by reducing the stress and strain on your wrists. And, this keyboard easily and quickly connects to your PC, whether you opt for the wired or wireless version.

Furthermore, when it comes to using this keyboard for gaming, you’re guaranteed a superb experience with its programmable macro keys as well as dedicated media and volume controls.

  • Amazon’s Choice wired or wireless gaming keyboard
  • Dynamic light up RGB LED backlighting
  • Stress reducing detachable rubber palm rest
  • In-game advantage and direct audio control
  • May be purchased with a mouse mat

3. Das Keyboard 4 Cherry MX Mechanical Keyboard

keyboard for writers 3

If you prefer a professional mechanical keyboard, we recommend the Das Keyboard 4 Cherry MX. It comes in a variety of color and style options so you are sure to find one that suits your needs and wants.

This keyboard is designed with a rugged construction and gold contacts, so it’s durable and long lasting, and gives you a soft tactile feel for a superior typing experience.

It also features laser key inscriptions, bumped keys, an N key rollover, an oversized volume knob, an instant sleep button, and dedicated media controls, giving you a full range of functionality.

  • Amazon’s Choice mechanical keyboard
  • Precise and confident typing experience
  • Comes with a dual purpose magnetic detachable footboard
  • Available in four colors (RGB keys, blue or switch, soft tactile brown switch)
  • Available in five styles (with USB 2 or 3 hubs, for Mac and Windows)

4. Razer Huntsman Elite Gaming Keyboard

keyboard for writers 4

Next up is another gaming keyboard with RGB illuminated keys. It’s a best seller when it comes to mechanical gaming keyboards, and guarantees fast Razer optical switches with light based actuation and a clicky feedback.

This versatile keyboard also allows for a complete personalization with its Razer Chroma that syncs with a variety of games, hardwares, and gears. And, the keys can be lit up with more than 16 million colors.

Plus, this durable and ergonomic keyboard comes with a programmable macro support, full remapping capability, and a magnetic wrist rest to keep you comfortable as you work or play on your computer.

  • Amazon’s Choice gaming keyboard
  • Lighting speed response
  • Customizable and programmable
  • Available in three styles (original, elite, tournament)
  • Comes with a magnetic wrist rest
  • May be purchased with an RGB mouse mat

5. Logitech K750 Wireless Solar Keyboard

keyboard for writers 5

Do you need an excellent keyboard that’s made specifically for Mac laptops and computers? The Logitech K750 may be your best option. It’s a solar powered yet fast charging keyboard with a surprisingly long battery life.

This flat, ultra thin, and lightweight keyboard is designed with the standard Mac keyset layout, and improved with a unique concave key cap design that makes it easier, quieter, and more comfortable to type.

Other features include a wireless connection, programmable keys, and a specialized app that’s made for you to monitor and personalize your keyboard.

  • Amazon’s Choice wireless keyboard for Mac
  • Solar powered, thin, and lightweight
  • Concave key caps with programmable F keys
  • Connects with the Logitech solar app
  • Available in elegant silver with black highlights

6. HyperX Alloy Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

keyboard for writers 6

Yet another good option for a mechanical gaming keyboard is the HyperX Alloy. This one also comes with a colorful yet subtle RGB backlighting that can be programmed to do dynamic lighting effects and more.

This keyboard is compact and portable, making it suitable for travel. It’s also durable, and features silver speed mechanical keys and switches. It’s also easy and efficient to customize using the HyperX ingenuity software that’s completely free to download and use.

Plus, it comes with a detachable cable, and if you want, pudding keycaps, a mouse, and a mouse pad.

  • Amazon’s Choice gaming keyboard
  • Programmable dynamic RGB backlighting
  • Connects with the HyperX ingenuity software
  • Compatible with the HyperX headset and mouse
  • Comes with a detachable cable
  • May be purchased with a mouse, mouse pad, or pudding keycaps

7. Ralon Vintage Typewriter Style Gaming Keyboard

keyboard for writers 6

Last but definitely not the least is one more mechanical gaming keyboard, but this time, it comes in a unique and nostalgic typewriter style design. It’s retro, vintage, and steampunk all rolled into one elegant package.

You can expect to see a crisp black and silver keyboard with round keycaps engineered with anti-ghosting capability. It’s responsive and sensitive with medium resistance, a soft tactile feedback, and clicking sound, so it’s fast typing, fun, and easy to use for writing, gaming, and more.

Plus, it’s also designed with adjustable RGB backlighting made with LED lights, a detachable metal panel, and removable keycaps, making it easy to customize to your preferences.

  • Wired mechanical gaming keyboard
  • Vintage typewriter style design
  • Removable round keycaps with anti-ghosting
  • Adjustable LED light RGB backlighting
  • Available in elegant black and silver

How to choose a keyboard for writers

Writing with a bad keyboard is a surefire way to make your fingers and wrists suffer, so it’s important to invest in a good quality keyboard that will keep you comfortable and productive for several long hours.

But, it’s not always an easy task to pick a keyboard that has all the right specs, and yet cheap enough as to not break the bank. If you have this problem, here are our tips on finding the best keyboard for writers.

dark keyboard with different colored lights

How does it connect

One of your main concerns should be how the keyboard is designed to connect to your laptop or desktop (or even your tablet), since this will affect the versatility of your work set up, your power consumption, and the keyboard’s response sensitivity.


Most typical standard keyboards, especially older model keyboards, are the wired type, meaning they have a USB cable that’s meant to be connected to your computer. The good thing about wired keyboards is they don’t need any charging, but they limit where and how you work since the cable limits your mobility.


There are also wireless keyboards that come with a USB type connector for you to attach to your PC. It’s also relatively energy efficient, although it’s not as command sensitive, and has a typically short range.


Finally, there are those keyboards that can be connected via bluetooth. These are arguably better performing than their wireless counterparts, but they are the most expensive, require frequent recharging, and are the least durable.


Another important factor is just how comfortable the keyboard is to use over a long period of time, which, as a writer, is what you’ll definitely be doing. A badly designed keyboard will cause strain, stress, and more on your palms, wrists, and fingertips.

You need to check for certain features such as padded palm rests, curved keycaps, and an overall ergonomic design. These things are what make the keyboard suitable for typing all day.

Mechanical keyboards

If you want a better performing keyboard that is faster, more tactile, and more durable, you may want to opt for a mechanical keyboard, since these are spring operated and made with higher quality materials. They are arguably more comfortable to use, too.

Although, mechanical keyboards are also more expensive, and are not as portable as their membrane counterparts, which are a lot more minimalist and energy efficient, so that’s something you need to take into account.


When it comes to the keys and keycaps, you need to decide whether you want an audibly clicky keyboard that’s more like a typewriter, or a low profile membrane keyboard that is silent and features a soft touch.

Many gamers like that distinct keyboard sound, but as a writer, you might benefit from the quiet and distraction free performance that a rubber keyboard offers.


Finally, how much power the keyboard consumes and how often it needs to be recharged, since this will affect your productivity and more. You may want to go with a solar powered or a battery powered keyboard that lasts long, rather than one that gets its power from your PC.

You need to consider here whether you will be working outside your home a lot, and bringing your laptop and the keyboard with you, since you’re not always guaranteed a charging area and you wouldn’t want a prematurely drained laptop battery.

Final thoughts

Like any writer, your creative mind and hardworking hands deserve only the best things to help you realize your ideas, and that involves working with the best keyboard for writers. Take your pick from our top seven recommendations, and use our buying guide to help you make the right decision.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, let us know and we’d be happy to help!