There’s no better way to cozy up and read a book than when you’re not exactly supposed to, a.k.a when you’re just about to sleep and your partner is already way into the dream world. But, that’s part of what makes it fun, right?

However, it’s never a good idea to turn on those bright room lights, and holding a flashlight or your cell phone just to see the pages of the book is exhausting, and doesn’t even work all that well. So, how do you solve this problem?

A reading light is your answer. It’s convenient, it’s versatile, and it gives you the best lighting, brightness, and ambience you need and want to fully enjoy your reading experience. Here are our best recommendations and a buying guide for you:

Our top reading lights in 2021

Take a look at our top seven picks for the best reading lights for your bed this year 2021. Whether you’re looking for a small and portable device to take with you on the go, or a more permanent fixture in your home, we’ve got plenty of suggestions waiting for you.

1. The original mighty bright clip on rechargeable book light

reading lights choice1

Our top pick is the mighty bright clip on rechargeable book light by The Original. It’s a small but all purpose reading light that’s portable, easy to use, and is packed with lots of exciting features such as adjustable brightness.

This is achieved through continuous dimming and an optical grade lens that is guaranteed to evenly distribute the light, so you don’t have to worry about harsh rays and glares. Plus, it makes use of warm tone LEDs that resemble natural lighting, so it’s pleasant to the eyes.

It’s also fully flexible and adjustable, and with it’s easy clip on design, it’s perfectly suitable for various activities aside from reading, such as working on your computer, studying on your desk, playing music, or moonlighting as a portable bed lamp whenever you travel.

  • Amazon’s Choice product
  • Available in 6 colors
  • Up to 60 hours battery life
  • Comes with micro USB charging cable
  • 1 year full warranty

2. TaoTronics LED eye-caring dimmable office lamp

reading lights choice2

Ranking second is the TaoTronics LED eye-caring dimmable office lamp, another brightness adjustable book light, but this time, in a much bigger package, and needs to be plugged in. That is, in the form of a desk lamp that’s perfect on your bedside table.

Of course, you can also use it in your home office, or pretty much anywhere else around the house. This versatile lamp features five lighting modes, seven brightness levels, and a sensitive touch control that makes it sleek and modern.

With this lamp, you can set up the perfect lighting, not only by choosing the best lighting mode and brightness, but also by tilting and swiveling the head to create the best spotlight that sets a nice ambience and isn’t harsh to the eyes.

  • Amazon #1 Best Seller
  • Available in black and white (plain or wood grain)
  • Energy efficient LED lighting
  • USB charging port for phones
  • Comes with power adapter

3. Acegoo bedside minimalist LED bed reading lamp

reading lights choice3

Taking the third spot is the Acegoo bedside minimalist LED bed reading lamp, a sleek and stylish reading light that you can mount on the wall or your bed’s headboard for an easy and convenient lighting set up.

It’s fully dimmable with an adjustable lighting setup that you can manipulate with touch controls at the base which also works as the lamp’s on and off switch. It easily connects to an adapter to power it up and light up your space in a nice ambience.

Plus, you get a soft and comfortable warm light that is stimulating to the eyes. The light can also be focused to give you a better illumination for reading, and it can be pointed into any direction since the lamp arm is a gooseneck type.

  • Amazon’s Choice product
  • Available in brushed nickel and matte black
  • Powered by a UL adapter (included)
  • Touch control for light switch and adjustment
  • Gooseneck arm and focused lighting

4. Brightech litespan LED 2nd edition reading floor lamp

reading lights choice4

Next up is the Brightech Litespan LED 2nd edition reading floor lamp, which is the biggest one on this list at 48 inches tall. It’s also the brightest, with a lighting capacity of around 2000 lumens or 75 to 150 watts, depending on the bulb type.

This lamp produces a bright white light that lets you easily see whatever you’re working on, whether it’s reading a book, working on your laptop, making some arts and crafts project, and so on. Of course, this brightness level is also adjustable for your convenience.

You don’t even have to worry about wasting electricity and running up your bills, since this lamp uses energy efficient LED light bulbs that stays cool even with prolonged use, and lasts for as long as 20 years, so you never have to replace it.

  • Available in 5 colors
  • Bright and long lasting LED bulbs
  • Stable base with 360 degree adjustable neck
  • 6 feet long power cable included
  • 3 year full warranty

5. Ledgle LED rechargeable hug light reading lamp

reading lights choice5

We also have the Ledgle LED rechargeable hug light reading lamp, a cute and smart concoction that is lightweight, portable, and works for a wide variety of purposes, such as reading books, mending various home items, jogging at night, and many more.

It somewhat looks like a headset, and you can wear it at the top of your head or around your neck, so you get a light source that is always positioned to light up exactly what you’re looking at. It even features flexible arms so you can adjust the lighting angle if you’re not satisfied.

Moreover, you can also take your pick from white light, warm light, and cool light, depending on your lighting needs and how easy on the eyes you want the lighting set up to be. The best part? The size of this thing makes it totally convenient and practical.

  • Amazon’s Choice product
  • Available in 4 colors
  • Comes in 2500 to 7000K, and 6500 to 7000K
  • Rechargeable long lasting battery included
  • Comes with a micro USB cable

6. LuminoLite rechargeable LED neck hug reading lights

reading lights choice6

Similar to the Ledgle hug light is the LuminoLite rechargeable LED neck hug reading lights, which is another wearable and portable book lamp that’s versatile, well performing, and affordable. Although, this one only comes in one color, black.

It’s perfect to use for bed reading, or anywhere in the house for that matter, doing various repair and crafting work, gardening, exercising, playing with your kids, and so on. Whatever you’re doing, you can easily wear this light to improve your viewing field and your working experience.

This portable lamp makes use of LED lights that are brightness adjustable, so you can choose from pinpoint flashlight to wide area light depending on your needs, and the light angle is also adjustable with the ultra bendable necks.

  • Amazon’s Choice product
  • Available in stylish black
  • Rechargeable long lasting battery
  • Comes with a micro USB cable
  • 30 day money back guarantee

7. HomeFocus LED bedside reading wall lamp

reading lights choice7

Last but not the least is the HomeFocus LED bedside reading wall lamp, which is one of the most beautifully stylish, versatile, and multifunctional lamps we have ever seen. It’s wall mounted, and you get both a fabric lamp and a reading lamp in one package.

Sure, it takes a bit of extra effort in terms of initial assembly and installation, but with what you’re getting, it’s worth it. You can use the conventional fabric lamp to set up a nice ambience in the room, and the reading light when you want to read in bed without disturbing your partner.

Each lamp has its own power switch, and each one also features brightness adjustment controls. They are the perfect mix between traditional and modern, and are highly suitable to hook up not only in your bedroom, but also in other areas of your home.

  • Amazon’s Choice product
  • 2 in 1 fabric lamp and reading light
  • Angle adjustable swing arm (reading light)
  • Long lasting LED light bulbs
  • Hardwire or plug installation

Ultimate reading light buying guide

woman reading in bed with light

When it comes to choosing the best reading light for you, the decision can often be difficult, especially with all the different book lights out available. You’ve got portable lights that are essentially the size of a marker, and huge floor lamps that take up valuable space.

So, to help you make the right choice, here are the most important factors that you need to consider when buying a reading light. We are talking about the power source, size, and type of reading lamp.


Largely depending on the type and size of the lamp is the way it’s powered up. Now, this is important because it affects where and how you need the energy source needed for the device, how much energy it consumes and how much that would cost you, and how portable it is.

For one thing, battery operated book lights are convenient and portable, but unless they are the rechargeable USB reading light, you’ll keep having to buy batteries to power them up. Then again, the downside of rechargeable lamps is they drain quite quickly, so you always have to remember to charge them.

And then there are plug in lamps, which are almost always full sized home appliances. These include wall mounted, tabletop, and floor lamps, all of which are large and stationary items.


Since we’re talking about the portability of the lamp, let’s go into more depth about size. What you need to remember here is that while smaller lamps are obviously more portable, they also don’t produce as much light as stationary ones.

Generally speaking, the bigger the lamp, the better the light you get. But, interestingly enough, small and compact bookmark lights can have surprisingly high powered light bulbs that generate more than adequate lighting. You just need to know where to look.

At the end of the day, what it all comes down to is what you need the light for. If it’s for reading books, you don’t really need the light to be too bright, and if you want something you can bring with you, then a portable one is the right option.

Types of reading lights

As you have noticed by now from our list of the best reading lights, they come in many different types. We’re not talking just about the size and power source, but also the design and engineering of the lamp, and how you’re supposed to mount it, and where.

Book clip on

The smallest option you’ve got is the book clip on reading light, which looks something like a bendable pen with a wide and flat upper part, and a base that’s equipped with a clamp so you can attach to your book, lighting up the page as you read.

Headboard clip on

A bigger version of the book clip on is the headboard clip on lamp, which is nice if you want a bigger area to be illuminated, or don’t want to keep having to remove the bookmark light as you turn the page. It can also be clipped on other surfaces, like rods, bars, chairs, and so on.

Wall mounted

The most permanent type of reading lamp is the wall mounted sconce, which often requires hardwired installation. It’s convenient in its own way, and if you get a stylish over bed or corridor wall lamp, it can double as a decorative piece in your home.

Bedside reading lamp

What most of us are familiar with is the typical bedside reading lamp, which is usually a fabric lamp with a string that serves as a power switch. They are portable to some extent, and can be stylish if you have a good taste, but they’re not as versatile as other options.

Floor lamp

Another common type of reading light is the floor lamp, which isn’t really suitable for bedrooms, but slightly behind the chair in your reading nook, or in front of your work desk. It’s big and hulking, and just because of that, they can make or break the aesthetics of a room.

Neck reading lamp

Now, there are also these innovative contraptions that you’re supposed to hook around your neck so the light source rests somewhere between your chin and shoulder blades. They make for a hands free lighting and convenient reading experience.

Head book lights

Finally, there are head book lights, which, as the name says, are designed to be mounted on your head so the light drops down directly onto the book you’re reading. They might be a bit trickier than neck reading lamps, and certainly get zero points for style.


Having the perfect reading light can totally transform your reading experience and let you finally enjoy the story of boy meets girl or learn the fifty ways on how to make money without all the distraction and hassle of using regular room lights or a measly flashlight.

As long as you know the most important things to look for when it comes to book lamps, and you have a clear idea of what you need and expect, then you can find the perfect reading lamp that works for you.