Many language experts assert that the proper way to start studying a second language is not by bombarding yourself with grammar and sentence structure rules. While grammar is an essential part of any language study, initially, it is more important to familiarize yourself with the language before integrating technical grammar concepts. As you become more and more at ease with speaking and reading, the grammatical aspects will make more sense to you.

In order to increase your confidence when speaking English, you must surround yourself with the language and utilize different learning strategies. This will show you how to be more confident in English. Developing fluency requires much more integrated language exposure than rote memorization of words and phrases. Every situation requires a different approach, and there are phrases that do not literally translate well into another language. Every language contains a fair amount of colloquial phraseology, or slang, and these phrases are sometimes difficult for non-native speakers to adopt. Below are some methods for expanding learning comprehension:

Listen to Audio Conversations in English

This will help you comprehend words and phrases more effectively and introduce you to colloquialisms. Schedule meetings with other students and dedicate that time to speaking only in English. This will allow you to start thinking in the language.

Quiz Yourself

This can be done during daily activities or on shopping trips. Try to remember names for items in the store. Creating a shopping list in English can help you recall information.

Watch English Movies and Listen to Music with English Lyrics

Entertainment is an effective way to learn a new language. Most of us listen to music while working out or while driving to work. Watching movies can help you see how characters speak and interact with one another.

Complete Your Own Translations

If you are a musician or a songwriter, you can write song lyrics in English; if you are a writer, you can complete a short literary work or a skit. Conducting in-depth translations such as these propels you to learn new words; therefore, you will be able to progress at a faster pace.

While complete mastery of English will require dedication and time, the journey to complete mastery is often a fulfilling one. By studying the English language, students will be able to expand opportunities for both professional and personal success. Employers are often more inclined to hire or promote bilingual job candidates. Not to mention, the ability to converse in another language with another individual brings its own reward.