Are you someone who is okay in English but are not sure how to put sentences together? Would you like to get a deeper understanding of English and learn how to talk to native English speaker? If you have answered yes to these questions than the Upper-Intermediate English: Modern Life English online course could be perfect for you.

Even though this is an intermediate English course it could also be helpful for someone who is just starting to learn English. This is not a beginner course to learn English but if you are a fast learner or have a basic understanding of the English language than this course could be helpful for you as well. This is a free course.

Course Review

What is the course about? The Upper-Intermediate English: Modern Life class is a 4 week English learning course. You’ll have to put in 3 to 5 hours of your time per week. You will learn a deeper understanding of English through video lessons, reading comprehension activities, grammar explanations and exercises, listening comprehension activities and speaking practice.

What will you learn? You will learn to speak English in a natural way. You will learn to know how to put sentences together and you will learn to prepare for an interview.

Who teaches it? The course is taught by Prof. Ana Gimeno who is a full-time professor who teaches English at UPValencia.

Why this is a good choice? This is a free course that allows students to learn or get a greater appreciation of the English language through topics that people naturally talk about. You also have the opportunity to pay $50 and get a professional certificate for the class if you need certification.

The Upper-Intermediate English: Modern Life course will help you to get a better understanding of vocabulary and grammar of the English language. You will learn to write formal and informal letters. You’ll learn how to use words in sentences and get a deeper knowledge of English. Plus, this course will help you to interview for a job in English which will expand your job prospects in many different markets.

This course will give you the chance to get a professional certificate that shows that you completed the course, which will cost you $50 but otherwise this is a completely free course. You will get the chance to become fluent in English and to speak the English language in a conversational way.