Udemy is a leading learning platform and global marketplace for teaching and learning. It connects students to high quality online instructors and resources.

Udemy offers a superb English speaking courses for students who wish to speak English confidentially. One of them is “Complete English Course: Learn English Course for Beginners.” The course is only $12.99 at the time this article is written and covers all of the fundamentals of learning the English language. No previous English knowledge is required. In this Udemy English course review, I will explain the benefits of taking the course, as well as the teaching strategies and overall learning outcomes.

This course is perfect for students who wish to build and develop English communication and writing skills. It’s also great for students who prefer a more visual and interactive approach to learning a second language. Since December 2016, over 5,200 students from over 120 different countries have enrolled in this English courses.

Their teacher will begin teaching the basics of the English immersion approach by using videos with captions and subtitles. This interactive method of teaching will appeal to visual learners. PDF materials are also included with the video lessons, so you’ll be able to review and cross-reference what you have learned. Free demo lessons and quizzes are also given so you can reinforce your knowledge of English. The course offers nine hours of instruction, along with files and exercises after each lesson. The following topics are covered in this 9 hour session: English speaking and pronunciation, writing, grammar, verbs with accent on English tenses, vocabulary, and conversation and communication skills. The Immersion method used helps students become familiar with how it is spoken and written; therefore, it accelerates their ability to comprehend the language.

udemy english for beginners overview
Screenshot of what you’ll learn in this Udemy course

Video captions are in English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Romanian, Hindi, Turkish, and Chinese. Udemy presents easy ways to understand English grammar, as well as everyday situations presented in English. There are plenty of opportunities for listening and speaking practice through quizzes and exercises. They also supply future updates and a full lifetime access to 9 hours of video instruction, 35 downloadable resources, and one article. A certificate of completion is awarded upon successfully completing the course. Although the course is designed specifically for beginners, intermediate English speakers can improve their skills with the exercises presented.

The e-learning sessions are short, but intense. Each lesson is taught in your native language. You can apply what you have learned to real-life situations, thus increasing your ability to “think” in English. Students may learn at a pace that feels comfortable for them. There are no deadlines. Multiple choice exams are given for performance measurement and evaluation.

The course begins with a brief introduction, with the next few sections focusing on personal greeting, spelling skills, and numbers. Moving forward, this course introduces more grammar and sentence structure: nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs. Time expressions, animal identification, and familial forms of address are also covered in the course. Five dictation exercises wrap up the coursework and are a comprehensive demonstration of language skills.