Do you have a passion for writing? A love for putting words into paper? A talent for crafting beautiful poetry? An obsession for everything that rhymes? Do you believe that you are Shakespeare reincarnated? We get it. You love poetry, and that’s a wonderful thing.

If you would like to share your gift to the world, become a published poetry writer, and inspire us common folks with your masterpieces, check out this ultimate list of where to submit poetry online.

10 best places to submit poetry

Here are the ten best places (or websites) to submit your poetry pieces and get a chance to get published. We’ve included both local and international publications with paid and unpaid publications for you to apply to, so be sure to check each of them out.

1. Poetry Foundation

The Poetry foundation is an independent literary organization that aims to discover, celebrate, and promote poetry to a newer and wider audience. The foundation publishes the Poetry Magazine, the oldest monthly paper devoted to English verse, making it one of the best places to submit poetry.

They accept original works and translations that haven’t been published elsewhere, although you can do simultaneous submissions and just let them know if your entry has been accepted in another publication.

Poetry accepts online submissions all year round via You can submit in various file formats, including visual poetry. You can submit up to four poems per submission. They may take almost a year to get back to you, but if your entry is accepted, Poetry pays a generous rate of $10 per line for first serial rights.

2. The New Yorker

We’ve all heard of The New Yorker, an American weekly magazine that tackles everything from journalism, commentary, satire, fiction, criticism, and even cartoons. But what some may not know is that they have an esteemed poetry section too.

New Yorker submissions is accepting original, unpublished works, as well as previously published poems that have been translated in the English language. You can submit up to six poems per submission, with a maximum of two submissions a year.

They are also open to simultaneous submissions, giving you the option to withdraw individual poems from your entry as the need arises. You can expect a turnaround time of six months after sending your entry. It’s important to note that there is no mention as to whether they pay for published works at this time.

3. Palette Poetry

The motto of Palette Poetry is “Always free. Always open.” They are an online poetry journal with a large community of emerging and established poets who aim to uplift and engage each other by sharing to the world a hopeful and eviscerating truth through poetry.

Submissions for featured poetry are accepted all year round from all writers anywhere in the world. You can send in up to five poems per entry with an option for simultaneous submissions, as well as paid add ons of fast response and editorial feedback.

Be prepared to include a cover letter and wait for a response time of two to three months. Should your entry be accepted, Palette Poetry pays a flat rate of $50 per poem. You can also opt to join their periodic contests and get a chance to win thousands of dollars.

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4. The American Poetry Review

The American Poetry Review is among the most dedicated poetry publishers with a worldwide reach that aims to promote a wide array of contemporary poetry as well as literary prose. To date, they have published over 5,000 writers on their platform.

You can submit original and unpublished poems, translations, essays, interviews, and literary criticisms, either through their website or via mail. The expected response time is around six months, during which time you can also submit your entries to other platforms.

The only catch is that unlike the first three venues we’ve mentioned, The American Poetry Review charges a fee of $3 for every submission, with no clear mention of a payment for accepted entries. The good thing is, however, you can also join their contests, which pay around $3,000 for the grand winner.

5. Boulevard Magazine

One of the most critically acclaimed literary magazines for poetry works is Boulevard Magazine, a nonprofit that regularly publishes works of notable authors and critics, and serves as hotspot for young, spirited, and talented poets and writers.

They are constantly looking for the finest pieces of poetry, fiction, and non-fiction that conform to the style, quality, and content of their previous publications. Promising unpublished writers are encouraged to send in their entries online or via mail every November to May of the rolling year, with a fee of $3 for online submissions.

Submissions must be unpublished and in English, although international subscriptions are welcome. They allow multiple and simultaneous submissions, with a response time of four months. For poems, up to five poems can be submitted at once, with each one limited to 200 lines. Accepted entries are paid $25 to $250.

6. Harvard Review

The prestigious Harvard Review is a well known platform for a variety of literature by up and coming and established writers. They have a penchant for literary technique, agnostic, diversity, ambition, abstract, and authority in the author’s work.

Contributors to the platform are regularly selected to any of their regular competitions and awards. You have the option to submit not only poetry, but also short fiction, essays, and book reviews. Submissions are open every January to April and August to November of every year.

You can send in your entry online or via post once every six months, which is also the turnaround time for the editorial team’s response. Note that there is a $3 fee for online submissions. You can also do simultaneous submissions. For poetry submissions, up to five poems are allowed per submission.

7. New England Review

The New England Review was founded in the late 1970’s by a pair of New Hampshire writers, and has since evolved as one of the most popular literary journals that publish poetry and fiction in a wide variety of styles and forms.

They are constantly on the lookout for innovative and rewarding works of art in the form of poetry, fiction, non-fiction, and digital, including drama and translation, as long as the work is unpublished in print and web. Note that there is a fee of $2-3 per submission.

Submissions are open every March to May and September to November, with a policy of only one submission at a time and for every genre. They accept entries from writers of all walks of life and all locations, and you can even opt for simultaneous submissions. The response time is around 12 weeks, with a payment of $20 to $50 per page of accepted entry.

8. Medium

Unlike most of the platforms on this list, Medium is a membership based online platform for writers to support each other. The platform allows you to publish your works for free and grow your audience from other member readers, and even earn money for your work.

Currently, there are more than a hundred million readers actively exploring world class publications by undiscovered writers such as you, so it can certainly be a good place to start showcasing your writing skills and receive feedback while growing your readership.

It’s ad free and subscription based, so all you have to do is join their medium partner program by writing and publishing your stories on the platform. If it passes editorial standards, your story will get recommended to readers, after which, you can earn serious money every month.

9. Rust + Moth

According to their About page, Rust and Moth is a literary journal committed to imaginative and engaging poetry. They are steadfast in their commitment to their electronic publication, social media, and quality prints, lending voices to the marginalized and celebrating diversity.

They release seasonal publications with slightly varying submission guidelines for every season, with a month and a half long window each season to send in your entries. You can submit online, either via their form or through email, with a maximum of three poems per submission.

A few of the requirements include submitting your works in .pdf file, attaching a brief personal bio in third person, and the option of including your social media links. There is no leeway for revisions, and a limited space for derivative works. Simultaneous submissions are accepted, and there is no offer of payment for works accepted as of this time.

10. Pegasus

Pegasus Elliot MacKenzie are a publisher of high quality books from exciting authors with a wide reach of 33 countries around the globe. They are open to a wide variety of genres such as poetry, fiction, non-fiction, children’s, and educational.

One thing they are proud of is offering both traditional and inclusive contracts to their authors, and giving equal spaces and opportunities to both established and new authors. They accept submissions from new and previously published writers.

In your submission, you need to include information such as the synopsis, word count, genre, target audience, as well as of course the complete manuscript and your personal contact information. Submissions are welcomed online, via email, and via post with different file and formatting requirements for electronic and print copies.

To summarize

Where to submit poetry is perhaps one of the most important questions an aspiring poet will ponder, since this will open doors in sharing his works to the world and inspiring them with his melody of words. If you are one of these writers, we hope you have found this list useful. Best of luck in getting your work out there!